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Supported By : GAIN Nutrition
Supported By : GAIN Nutrition

We have been using GAIN horse feeds for a number of years at Lambley House and know it plays a huge part in supporting our horses’ diet.
All stabled horses receive the basic ration of Opti-care Balancer alongside our chosen fibre of ‘Dengie Alfa A Oil’ twice a day. We also feed this to our breeding mares & youngstock to support their systems too.
The balancer includes -
▪️20% protein low starch oat free balancer with elevated minerals and vitamins.
▪️Low feed rate provides vital amino acids, minerals and vitamins while controlling energy supply.
▪️Extra energy can be supplied by adding in oats or a reduced quantity of a suitable GAIN feed.
▪️Excellent for broodmares to meet mineral and vitamin requirements at all stages.
▪️Ideal for foals, weanlings and yearlings not requiring further condition.
▪️Low starch levels result in lower glycemic responses to feed and thereby decrease possible negative effects of insulin and growth hormone spikes during growth.
▪️Low starch levels provide nutritional support for horses and ponies prone to laminitis.
▪️Low starch and oat free composition will help support a positive attitude.
▪️Soya bean meal provides excellent quality protein for skeletal development and lactation.
▪️Milk whey powder also provides an additional source of amino acids.
▪️Bioplex® protected trace elements including Copper, Zinc and Manganese maximise availability.
▪️Fortified with high levels of Vitamin A, D3, K and a full range of B Vitamins.
▪️Inclusion of live yeast increases fibre digestion.
▪️Sel-Plex® organic selenium helps to maintain additional antioxidant support.
▪️Proviox natural plant antioxidants support Vitamin E utilisation.
This allows us to not have to over-supplement any of our horses’ diets and lets us rest easy that a high percentage of their nutritional needs are met.

We also use Freedom Mix for a select few horses which need some extra condition day to day or to support extra nutritional requirements when travelling or competing more regularly. It is a high oil, high fibre, low starch high performance feed.
Features include -
▪️Quality protein sources provide essential amino acids for maintenance of muscle tone.
▪️Linseed and soya oils provide a nutritional balance of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids.
▪️Plant-derived FOS prebiotic helps promote natural, stable hindgut fermentation.
▪️Proviox natural plant antioxidants support Vitamin E utilisation.
▪️Sel-Plex® organic selenium provides additional antioxidant support.
▪️High oil, low starch helps maintain a healthy digestive system.
▪️Highly palatable to maintain consistent intakes with increasing training intensity.
▪️Contains only 8% starch.
▪️Natural antioxidants including Vitamin E help support immunity and muscle function.
▪️Alfalfa chop and other natural ingredients promote chewing thereby increasing saliva fl ow to help support buffering of stomach acid.
▪️Bioplex® Copper, Zinc and Manganese guarantee maximum mineral availability.
▪️Contains mycotoxin binders.

In the past we have also use Prep ‘N’ Condition Mix which is another highly palatable coarse mix designed to promote top line condition and weight gain.

And our final feed essential is 12% Competition Mix. We load this pre-competition and feed during and after competition days to ensure calorie intake is matched with the deficit of the extra workload and stresses of the competition environment.
Features include -
▪️Balanced blend of cereals, super-fibres and oils provides fuel for sustained performance.
▪️Cooked flaked cereals guarantee high digestibility and maximise energy release.
▪️Oat-free composition provides an equine fuel option without oat starch.
▪️12% protein provides the essential amino acids to support muscle tone.
▪️Bioplex® trace elements including Copper, Zinc and Manganese maximise availability.
▪️Sel-Plex® organic selenium helps to maintain additional antioxidant support.
▪️Vitamin E included at 300IU/kg provides antioxidant support.
▪️Proviox natural plant antioxidants support Vitamin E utilisation.
▪️Inclusion of live yeast increases fibre digestion.
▪️Mint provides extra palatability and helps support performance.


Show Report : Sentower Park - CSI
Show Report : Sentower Park - CSI

It was a nice short drive from Lummen to Sentower Park for the second week of our 🇧🇪Belgian trip and we crossed our fingers that we were in for a drier week🤞🏻🙏🏼.

Mowgli C started things off with a good clear in the 7yo and Thor van de Vlasbloemhoeve had our first podium finish of the weekend picking up a 🥉 third place in the 5yos.
Friday was a good day with all of the horses going clear or picking up a placing but the weather took a turn for the worse and poured ☔️ all day so 🐴Mowgli took the opportunity to stay in 🛌 bed!
🐴Thor picked up 4th in the 5yo, Nevis Field was 5th in the 6yo, Malibu RAG 12th in the 1* 1m30 & Cornet’s Ghost stepped up for a clear in the 2* 1m35.

For the weekend the weather had improved but 🐴Malibu picked up a cut in the warm-up for the 1* Grand Prix so was unable to jump so it was all down to 🐴Thor on Sunday 😬. He stepped up to jump a fantastic double clear in the 5yo Grand Prix to take the win 🏆🥇 finishing off a great 2 weeks for him after his double clear the week before in Lummen too.

We head home now for a few weeks to spend a bit of time with the younger horses before the older ones head to Addington in June. Hoping to see the ☀️ sun in the next few weeks too!

Finally…New Arrival no.3! 🐴
Finally…New Arrival no.3! 🐴

A very late report for our final arrival of the year - in keeping with him making us wait a fair while too! But delivered safely once again by the Brackenspa team, we are delighted with our third colt foal.

‘Fred’ who is pleased to join his twin ‘Barney’ will be named ‘Dourkhan’s Jewel LH’.

Once again he is by Dourkhan Hero Z out of Comthago’s Jewel - the dam line which stems back to our 1m65 mare Haya Loma N.