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Supported By : Equine Products UK Ltd 🏇🏼
Supported By : Equine Products UK Ltd 🏇🏼

We are very grateful and privileged to be supported by Equine Products UK.
The service and quality of the products is fantastic and we can rest easy knowing that there are no banned substances in any of the supplements and other products that we use.

With their huge range of supplements we can tailor our feeding program to suit each horse’s individual needs.

Our everyday go-to product is Everyday Electrolyte and in the summer months we add Garlic Granules.
The electrolytes are a highly effective specification derived from the actual loss of electrolytes in horse sweat and formulated for long-term daily use. They are also important to feed daily even when the horse hasn’t necessarily worked excessively as salts are always lost from the body.
Garlic Granules are a natural way to promote horse’s good health and we find it improves fly control. It can also help to maintain a good respiratory function.

For travel we always have Transvite Paste & Restore-Lyte Syringes available to assist with any increased stress levels and changes in the gut during travel and any excessive sweating or signs of dehydration.

For stay away shows we switch our electrolytes to Restore-Lyte Powder as these have the correct balance of ionised body salts (positive and negative) which are vital to a horse’s wellbeing and the capability to perform at peak levels. It is also designed to assist with the rapid replacement of ion salts lost through sweating during exercise or very hot conditions.
We also always have a good stock of Haemavite B Plus Liquid & Powder sachets and P-Block sachets & syringes. With these additional products we can help the horses’ recover and continue to perform at their best with the added stresses and strains of competing.
The Relax leg clay is also part of our after-care ritual as it is an ideal coolant for easily spreading over the legs or packing in the feet following competition and is easily brushed off or washed off with cold water.

And finally Unika balls for recreational activity time!

New Arrival no. 2 🐴
New Arrival no. 2 🐴

Foal number 2 has joined us at Lambley House Sport Horses this week!
He is another colt and has been named ‘Barney’.

With just his twin left to arrive we have our fingers crossed for another successful delivery in the next few days.

A big thank you to the team at Brackenspa Stud once again for the safe delivery of another one of our embryo transfer foals.

‘Barney’ who will be named ‘Jewel Hero LH’ is by Dourkhan Hero Z out of Comthago’s Jewel - the dam line which stems back to our 1m65 mare Haya Loma N.


There are limited training spaces available at Lambley House Sport Horses in order that all pupils and horses can receive the best individual tuition and training so they can achieve their optimum performance goals. Michael is a UKCC level 3 approved showjumping coach. He is fully insured and up to date with emergency first aid. He is able to offer a wide range of training from a one off lesson to an annual plan tailored to the individual and their horse. At competition training is also available.


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